How to Play Summoner

Summoner is a mage class that can be played in two stances, Berserker stance or Darkness Stance.

Certain Skills can only be used if the proper Buff is enabled. For example if you want to Use Requiem or Pollution you need to have Darkness buff. 

Stat Priority:
1. Energy - Main source of damage
2. Agility - Main source of Speed and Armor
3. Vitality - Main source of Health
4. Strength - Increase Elemental Damage

Tips for Berserker build:
- Your highest hitting ability is Fire or Aqua Beast
- Your best AoE ability is Lightning Shock

- Always use Berserker Buff.
- Berserker Summoner gains the most damage from Stick Weapons. 
-Upgrade your weapon as soon as possible because they give you % damage increase.
- Complete 3rd and 4th quest As soon as possible, because this class will gain extra bonuses (more than any other class) when learning new skills in the 3rd and 4th tier! 

- When looking for spots, check your damage on different monsters as some have low magic/physical resistance, which will help you deal more damage. We did this on purpose on ParagonMu so that players not only look for spots but also check where is the best monsters for them.

Tips for Darkness build:
- Your highest hiting ability is Death Sythe
- Your best AoE ability is Death Sythe

- Always use Darkness Buff.
- Darkness Summoner gains most damage from Book Weapon. 
-Upgrade your weapon as soon as possible because they give you % damage increase.

- Berserker Buff - Increase damage of magic spells.
-Darkness Buff- Increase damage of curse spells.
-Damage Reflection - ​Increase Reflect Chance

- Weakness - Lowers enemy attack damage.
-Innovation- Lowers enemy defense.
-Sleep - ​Puts character to sleep (only on PvP maps)
-Blind - Blind character for a short duration

Pvp Tips:
- Make sure you have the correct Buff applied. 
- For longer fights, use Innovation or Weakness debuffs. 
- If you cannot fight your opponents, apply debuffs or put them to sleep to still be a good support for your team!

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