PVM Guide

This guide is made to help out some newer players to understand basic logic of our server. Every private server is different therefore if you haven't played on Paragon before you should defenetly read this guide!

You should also check our drop lists and drop database and check where to farm items. 
On our wiki page you can also find most of the information on how to create or gather things.

Please understand that characters have different skills that scale with different things therefore sometimes you may feel like your character is weaker or stronger than others at the current Reset. Please do not panic all classes can output the same damage in the late game. 

Here is a skill damage comparison, for purpose of this guide we have divided them into 4 Categories.

1. Highest Damage Skills - dedicated for cerain classes or builds.  Damage is around 110-120%
2. Single Target Skills. Damage is around 100%
3. Semi AOE Skills. Damage is around 70-90%
3. Massive AOE Skills. Damage is around 40-60%

Here is the damage comparison of every class:


Please understand that monsters are much stronger on our server to provide players with constant progression. We want players to wisit and explore higher and higher maps while they grow in power. That is why items are also important in the beginning.

1. Gain your first resets by leveling in party with people, playing solo will slow you down. Try to form an unique Party with 5 unique characters but don't stress with it. 

Example on your 1st reset leveling route: 
Starter zone - Dungeon/Devias - Lost Tower/Aida/Atlans - Tarkan

2. Complete Level 2 Class specific Quest in Devias and also Marlon Quest. That will allow you to use more skills and gain more poitns per level!

3. Complete Guide Quests that reward your class with Blessings of Light - these items increase your EXP by 50/100/200%!
They are much more important than any X Shop items that players donate for.
 Example Panda Pet only increase exp by 20%.
You can skip quests that dont give rewards.

4. Find a new Pentagram from Acheron to increase your damage by a lot! 
This should be done asap because starter pentagram is very bad! If you have a good group you can even do it on the 1st reset.

5. Pick up Red/Green/Purple Box to get easy +7+9+11 items! 
These items will also help you combine levle 1 wings very quickly! (check our guide if you dont know how)

6. Always join Blood Castle, Devil Square events etc. to gain faster levels. 
It is much more efficient than playing on the map.
All events are explained in our guides.

7. To gain easy Goblin Points, Jewels and Ancient items participate in the low level invasions.
Example, you can hunt Gorgons at 1 reset in the Dungon to get low level excellent items!
You can hunt Dragons at around 5 resets to gain easy ancient items
You can hunt Hydras / Ice Queens to gain easy jewels!

That is why it is important you pay attention to what invasions are going on and what the rewards are!

We have all the timers on our website.

8. Make sure you unlock Achiements on our website to gain free WCOIN / GP / Ruud by completing events. 


1. Complete level 3 Quest for your class and unlock new powers for your character! ( We recommand 20+ Resets)

2. Upgrade your wings and try to create level 2.5 - 3 wings.

3.  Complete level 4 Quest for your class and unlock full power of your character ( We recommand 60+ Resets)

4. Enter Doppleganger event to level up Mastery Levels faster!

5. Try to complete all BC/ DS / CC / Gaion events daily to gather lots of RUUD and Goblin Points. 

6. Start gathering Fenrir Parts if you wish to PvP - All mounts on our server are changed and give your character extra HP and SD

7. Check what bosses / events will give you good weapons and start hunting them. A good start is Medusa or Nixie/Swamp invasion.  

8. Start working on your MUUN Pets


1. Make sure you level up your 4th Skill tree because it adds lots of extra damage!
2. Craft Level 4 Wings and add Elemental Options to them
3. Upgrade your Mastery Ancient Set to at least Manticore level.
4. Get a Guardian Mount asap! and upgrade it! That way you will increase your defense, damage and elemental damage. Check our guides for the full Information!
5. Find a good Pentagram, upgrade to +15 then upgrade it to Mastery Pentagram - Example Brilliant Orb.

6. Unlock Pentagram Bonuses by applying Errtels and add Radiance Errtel for extra buffs. 
The best option for PvE is Punish
7. Upgrade your Errtels to Mastery Errtels and apply them to the Pentagram in order to unlock extra Pentagram SET Options.

8. Upgrade your Jewelry - Left and Right earring to +15 then to next stage with Ruud - You can upgrade the Earrings 4 times just like you do with Ancient sets. Materials drop in the Kanturu Underground.

9. Kill Bosses  for best upgrades
10. When you finish upgrading your weapons/armor make sure you apply Harmony Options to them.

11. Craft your artifacts they can add up to 3000 to all stats and various bonuses
12. Max your MUUN Pets to gain additional portion of damage. It is not much but can be 2-4%  total increase!


1. Complete 5th Class Quest 
2. Craft level 5 Wings 
3. Craft Pure Core for your wings and upgrade it to +15 then apply on the wings.
4. Craft Ability Cards, start with Skill ability Cards to enhance your skills even more. 
5. Add Ability Cards to your Ability Book and create unique builds!