ALL JEWELS - ParagonMu

Here is the list of all Jewels that you can use on ParagonMu

BLESS - Used to upgrade items up to +6. No chance of fail.

SOUL - Upgrades items from 0 to 9 but has 50% chance to fail. On fail from 0 to 7 downgrades the item with 1.
 On fail from 8 to 9 downgrades the item to 0. Items with "Luck" have higher chance.

CHAOS - This is the most common jewel. It is used in most item combinations.

CREATION - ​Used for creating fruits that increase stats and resurrecting pets.
Also used for the socket system and item combinations.

LIFE - Upgrades the normal option of an item with 50% success rate. Luck does not affect this chance.

Harmony - are used for adding additional powerful options to your gear or weapons. 

Guardian - are used for upgrading Castle Defenses, Lord Mix and creating Life Stones. Also used to add a "pink" option to special items.

Jewel of Excellent - Remove all Excellent options and Add 2  New Random Excellent options to any item
 ( does not work on Wings level 4, Socket items and Jewelery).

Each time you use the jewel it will roll 2 random options, it does not add extra options to the items. If you have Excellent item with 4 Options - adding this jewel will result in destroying all these options and rolling 2 new ones. (Jewel of 3rd Excellence also get reset)

Jewel of Luck - Add luck to any item

Jewel of Full Option - ​ Add 6  Excellent options to any item.
 ( does not work on Wings level 4, Socket items and Jewelery).

Jewel of Skill - add skill to any weapon.

Jewel of Socket- add extra socket to a socket item.
Does not work on non-socket items.

Dark Soul - Instantly upgrade item to +9.

Jewel of 3rd Excellence- Adds 3rd Random Excellent Option. 
 But the item has to be excellent and have 2 options already.
It is recomended to use this on items that already have 2 good options on them. 
(Work on Items and Weapons Only)