Arca War is is an epic capture-the-flag style battle between 6 guilds! It takes place in a Battle Zone of Acheron.

How to register?
Talk to Sir Lesnar in Lorencia or Noria. 

To register for participation of Arca War, it is necessary to prepare more than 10 Sign of Lords. 

Then it is time for Guild Master Registration - only guild masters who have registred Signs before can participate. 

If you forget to register Signs before the event - you will not be able to register the guild!

After the Guild Master is registered, the registration of members is possible.- Guild members can register Arca War within given time (10 minutes)

 You have to apply for participation in Arca War through the NPC "Sir Lesnar".
Total 6 Guilds for each server can participate in Arca war.

You can enter ARCA WAR every Wenesday and Saturday at 17.00 UTC. 
Check Paragon event timers for more info!


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