How to Play Grow Lancer

Grow Lancer is a close range fighter.

Stat Priority:
1. AGI / STR - depends on skill.
2. Vitality - Main source of Health
3. Energy - Increase some % damage and elemental damage

Build Tips:
- Your highest hiting ability is Magic Pin or Shining Peak, Oversting
After 5th Quest your best ability for Single Target is Oversting of Saturation
- Your best AoE ability is Breche and Wild Breath
After 5th Quest your best ability for AOE is Wild Breath of Gale

- Always use Obsidian Buff
-Always use Wrath Buff
- Use Burst Buff when available.

Shining Peak is a stable Damage Skill
Oversting has higher firerate and range than Shining Peak but it deals 10% less damage for each target it hits.
Magic Pin is a skill that deals series of damage, that means it can sometimes hit for very little and some times for a lot.
All skills have the same damage per second but one is more bursty the others are more stable. Most damage for these skills come from Agility.

Breche Skill can be upgraded in 3rd skill tree to deal massive AOE damage. Most damage for Breche comes from Strength.
Wild Breath is the new AOE Ability and its damage is similar to Breche Skill

Combat Power (NEW)
Combat Power is a new stat - it's main purpose on ParagonMu  it to equalize weapon progression for some classes, you should not compare it with other classes or other weapons. For example BK Sword adds only 5% Combat Power while GL Lance can add 150%. That does not mean GL will have 150% more damage. It is a separate calculation for weapons only. 

- When looking for spots, check your damage on different monsters as some have low magic/physical resistance and that will help you deal more damage. We did this on purpose on ParagonMu so that players not only look for spots but also check where is the best monsters for them.

- Burst - Increase ignore chance for short duration (3rd skill tree)
- Obsidian - Increase Skill damage
- Wrath - Increase All Damage

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