How to Play Dark Lord

Dark Lord is a Mage class that can also summon pets. 
They can be played as Command Dark Lord or Mage Dark Lord. 

1. Energy - Main source of damage for Magic Skills
2. Strength - Secondary source of damage for Magic Skills
3. Agility - Main source of Speed and Armor and Rates
4. Vitality - Main source of Health
5. Command - Main source of Raven Pet/Spirit Beast damage and Spirit Blast AOE Skill damage. Command also increase Buff Skills. This is most important statistic if you plan to play as Command Dark Lord.

Combat Power (NEW)
Combat Power is a new stat - it's main purpose on ParagonMu  it to equalize weapon progression for some classes, you should not compare it with other classes or other weapons. For example BK Sword adds only 5% Combat Power while DL Scepter can add 200%. That does not mean DL will have 200% more damage. It is a separate calculation for weapons only. 

Tips for DL build:
- Your highest hiting ability is Wind Soul (Mage DL)
- Your best AoE ability is Spirit Blast  (Command DL)
After 5th Quest your best skill for Single  Damage is Wind Soul of Saturation 
and Spirit Beast of Anger is the best for AOE.

- You should use Ruud Mastery Set, Ruud Weapon with Socket off-pieces and shield.
- Always use Battle Glory  Buff
- Always use Crown Force Buff
- Always use Lord Dignity Buff

You will benefit most from Energy Statistics, however Dark Lord also scales out of Raw damage, therefore it is sometimes wise to add Strength in the beginning at least for a few resets. Also in order to deal full damage you need Attack Rate from Agility/Str.

You cannot use Dark Horse/Divine Horse and Fenrir pet at the same time but you can use Dark Horse together with Guardian Pets. 

-Upgrade your weapon and set pieces as soon as possible because you benefit mainly from them. 

- When looking for spots, check your damage on different monsters as some have low magic/physical resistance and that will help you deal more damage. We did this on purpose on ParagonMu so that players not only look for spots but also check where is the best monsters for them.

- Lord Dignity Skill  - Increase Crit Damage % rate and Excellent % rate for your party. (up to 20%)
- Battle Glory Buff - Increase Base DMG and adds Combat Power
- Crown Force Buff - Adds +X to all stats for you and your party. 
Buffs Scale with Command.
Divine Aura and Divine Force - You can Upgrade everyones Defense or Attack for 3 seconds. Good to use in right PvP scenarios. 

Final PvP Tips:
- Use Wind Soul of Saturation in PvP, when upgraded to Max it can perform better vs some classes.
- Use Dark Horse Knock up and Summon skills in mass PvP (for example Caslte Siege)

Make sure to also read our general PvM and PvP guides!