How to Play Dark Lord

Dark Lord is a Mage class that can also summon pets. 
They are unique because they have additional stat "Command" that will increase damage of pets.

Stat Priority:
1. Energy - Main source of damage
2. Strength - Main source of damge
3. Agility - Main source of Speed and Armor
4. Vitality - Main source of Health

Tips for DL build:
- Your highest hiting ability is Wind Soul
- Your best AoE ability is Wind Soul and Chaotic Diseier
- You should use Mastery Set with Socket offpieces and shield.
- Always use Critical Damage  Buff

You will benefit most from Energy Statistics, however Dark Lord also scales out of Raw damage, therefore it is sometimes wise to add Strength in the beggining at least for a few resets. Also in order to deal full damage you need Attack Rate from Agility/Str.

You cannot use Dark Horse and Fenrir pet at the same time but you can use Dark Horse together with Guardian Pets.

-Upgrade your set pieces as soon as possible because you benefit mainly from them.

- When looking for spots, check your damage on different monsters as some have low magic/physical resistance and that will help you deal more damage. We did this on purpose on ParagonMu so that players not only look for spots but also check where is the best monsters for them.

- Critical Damage Increase - Increase Crit Damage % rate and Excellent % rate after upgrades.

PvP Tips:
- Always use "Joint Attack" with your Raven, even though PvP Damage of your pets is reduced to 10%, it will still slow down your oponents and annoy them.  And it is overall around 2-3% Damage increase for DL.
- Use Wind Soul in PvP, but also check Fire Burst, when upgraded to Max it can perform better vs some classes.

Make sure to also read our general PvM and PvP guides!