Illusion Temple is a fun "Capture The Flag," player-vs-player, battle arena where players can compete against each other! Two teams of players will have to fight to obtain an Orb and place it on an Altar!

This event requires strategy and teamwork! Additionally we have made it so that teams are made randomly from all participants. This type of RNG will make it fair for all and provide unique PvP Experience. 

Where to enter?
Once the event is active you will see the icon on your left Screen. Then just simply talk to the NPC. 
This is meant to be mid/late-game PvP Game therefore level requirement is 800+

How to play?

You simply go to the midle of the map and Capture the Statue. (See below)

Statue will drop an orb.
This orb has to be carried by a player to any Altar on the map. Players carrying the Orb will be 50% slower.

Once you place the orb on an altar your team will gain 1 point and next round will begin. Next round a new statue will spawn but the previous orbs on altars remain.

Players may capture the statue to get a new orb OR capture one of the already placed orbs on other altars.

If you capture an orb from enemy altar you have to deliver it to a different location as the same altar cannot be used twice in the same round.

Special Abilities
Players can use special abilites by pressing A S D F (or mouse click). In order to use those abilities you have to gain enough kill points - Kill points are gained from killing other Players.


Winners gain WCOINS and Random Surprise that can contain anything from an Apple to Garuda Feather.

All rewards are listed in our Drop Database and Full Droplist

Detailed Droplist Drop Search Database