How to Play Elf

Elf is a ranged Physical class that has high mobility and high single target damage.

He can be played as either Damage Dealer or Support.

Stat Priority:
1. Agility - Main source of damage depends
2. Strength - Main source of Speed and Armor
3. Energy - Increase Damage, Buff Effect and Elemental Damage
4. Vitality - Main source of Health

Tips for Damage Dealer:
- Use Focus Shot for most Single target damage
- Use Arrow Rain for most AOE damage

After 5th Quest your best skill for Single  Damage is Holy Bolt of Gale
After 5th Quest your best skill for  AOE Damage is Raining Arrow of Saturation

- Remember to always use all buffs on yourself 
- Use Mastery Ancients(A)

- When looking for spots, check your damage on different monsters as some have low magic/physical resistance and that will help you deal more damage. We did this on purpose on ParagonMu so that players not only look for spots but also check where is the best monsters for them.

Elf benefit more from Lemuria Mage damage/def buff than from it's own (at least up to 4th class).

Tips for Support:
- Upgrade Damage/Defense buffs in the 4th skill tree - this will make your buffs last for a short duration but they will be very effective!
- Use Mastery Ancients (B)
- Upgrade your anciet mastery gear - it will increase Buff effect up to 50%!
- Use Bali / Soldier summon when solo on low resets! These creatures are boosted on ParagonMu

- Greater Attack - Increase Damage
- Greater Defense - Increase Armor
- Greater ELE Damage - Increase Elemental Damage
- Greater ELE Defense - Increase Elemental Defense
- Bless Skill - Increase all stats
- Infinity Arrow - Self damage buff and elf no longer need arrows to shoot

PvP Tips
- Focus Arrow deals physical damage and is the best Single Target ability
- Use Iron Defense when in trouble
- Use Step skill to kite your oponents
- You can use multushot when enemy is close to you in order to gain back SD, once you are at full SD, switch to Focus Arrow.

Make sure to also read our general PvM and PvP guides!