Ability Card System (5th Quest)

After completing 5th Class quest you will be able to use and equip Ability Cards. 

This system might look complex, but it is very easy to understand. You simply craft cards and equip them.

There are different types of Ability Cards:

These are the cards given for completing the quest, each of them add some portion of damage in PvM.

SKILL CARD - Available via Crafting Skill Cards
These are the cards that are placed in the middle row, they modify or combine your current skills. For example Soul Master will have the possibility to use Evil Spirit and Meteor Storm at the same time. 

OPTION CARD- ‚ÄčAvailable via Crafting Option Cards
There are 5 Types of option types and they are used to fill the Ability book

ELITE CARD- ‚ÄčAvailable via Crafting Elite Cards
Once you comple a full side of option cards you will be able to use one Elite Card

If you want to craft a card go to Chaos Machine 

You will need:
 Ability Crystals (World drop and events)

Jewel of Bless


All rewards are listen in our Drop Database and Full Droplist

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