General PvP Guide

This is a general PvP Guide that applies to every class. 
Please understand that Resets and MAX STATS alone do not make your character strong.
 This is only 50% of your journey! You are not playing on season 1. So do not be that person who flame the entire server because they get killed on max stats, read this guide and make the best of your class.

We have put a lot of effort to make all the in-game system work and remade them to fit high stat server. We can ensure you that all the energy you put in your class, gathering items, grinding etc. will bring you a lot of satisfaction, because you will see how your class is becoming better and better. If you want to afk on the spot until you reach max stat and then go PvP on max resets without doing nothing you will most likely be killed by everyone.

Make sure to put points in all of your stats because they are important, even Strength is important for Mages/Summoners etc. because it gives longer buff uptime and more elemental damage/defense.

Make sure to complete Majestic (4th quest) for your class because some classes will gain extra 20-30% when doing so. This is done to "slow down" some of the classes who perform better in the 3rd class. 
Summoner Fire Beast has a cooldown on 3rd level, when on 4th level it gets unlocked and the damage is twice as high. 

Mage Meteor Strike deals 100% Damage hile beeing on 3rd level and once upgraded to 4th it will deal 130% for example.

 And this is done to most skills/classes to balance them out in the 3rd skill tree and then all limits and nerfs are released upon reaching 4th :)   

Skill Tree
1. We have added "MUST HAVE" info in the 3rd skill tree, make sure you put points in these. 
They will give you a good boost of damage and Survivability. HP and SD on hit has been reduced to 3/10 for balancing purposes.

2. In the 4th skill tree, select one skill talent that you want to play and max it, follow the golden path that we customized in the interface. Why is it important? This row alone will increase your total damage by around 40%.

Pick the skill that is best for you, the less range it has the more damage it deals. Example: Meteor storm is 30% weaker than Meteor Strike. This is made so that players can chose if they want to play AOE or Single target. 

Excellent / Seed Options.
Every class will be equal in terms of PvP if you know how to properly gear it. Here are some tips

Best options Prio :
Damage Decrease 7% - focus on this always, to have a good PvP you need at least 55% or higher.
Increase Max Life 5% - Good for secondary option for some classes 
Reflect Damage 5% - Good for secondary option for some classes 
Increase Max Health 1000
Damage Decrease 200

 Best Harmony Options:
Increase Health 4500 - Always good to have extra health
Damage Decrease 200 - This is the best one in terms of reducing damage
Health Recovery 5000 - Great addition if you have troubles using Potions. 
SD rate 5% - This can be put on 1 or 2 items if you have enough SD - but is not mandatory. Don't use it if you don't know how it works.  
Increase Defense:  1000 

 Best Seeds:

Damage Decrease % - focus on this always, to have a good PvP you need at least 50% or higher.
Damage Reflect %
Increase Health flat


Golden Invasion - FO items excellent, they are okay to start with but should not be considered a viable choice as you cannot gather enough Damage Reduction from them. Example: 6items = only 42% DD. You will need to add at least 1 or 2 socket items if you want them to be viable.

 Exe Ancients - Kundun/Erohim/Nightmare - are better than normal excellent items, and a good start, but again...not enough dd% so you need to get few socket items and use them together with exe ancients.

Socket Items (can be found in Raklion and from Selupan/Silvester Boss- This is the easiest way to achieve 60% DD or higher and players should focus on those items in the mid-end game.

Mastery Sets (Bloodangel--->Brilliant): This is the endgame gear grind. These ancient sets will give your class a lot of extra damage. Difference between Bloodangel and Manticore is around 40% more damage in total.

These items will not be good in PvP if you do not add Jewel of Excellence to them. Do not worry, excellent option does not disappear upon upgrading from Bloodangel to Darkangel to Holyangel etc.

Applying Jewel of Excellence is Random, but you want to get the best Excellent options (DD and HP/REF)
You will also need to use at least 2 socket items with this gear to make it viable in PvP. 

These are examples of item builds you can use

Best in Slot :

Excellent Acient Apocalypse 4 Piece Set+ Damage Decrese 7% + Max Life Increase 5%  + Harmony: Damage Reduction 200 or Max HP 
Socket Pendant: +15% Damage Reduction + Life 3000 + Reflect Damge +11%
FO Rings: Damage Decrease 7% + Reflect 5% + Life Incrase 5%
Socket Offset piece (Shield or Gloves or Boots - depends on the class):  +15% Damage Reduction + Life 3000 + Reflect Damge +11%  

 (Classes such as MG/RF lack some gear slots, but do not worry they will benefit more from damage reduction items) 

Alternative Set for PvP (next best to Mastery sets): 

Full Socket (ANY) set: +% Damage Reduction + Life 3000 + Reflect Damge +% + Harmony: Damage Reduction 1500 or Max HPSocket Pendant: +15% Damage Reduction + Life 3000 + Reflect Damge +11%FO Ring: Damage Decrease 7% + Reflect 5% + Life Incrase 5% 

So what is the best strategy for gear?
Gather socket set and put seeds into them, once you've gathered your Ancient Master, take out seeds from your armor and mix your seeds to create more powerful seeds and put them in amulet/offpiece/shield. This is the best strategy purely for PvP gearing, ofc your mastery sets will still be much better to have around while doing PvM.

 In your gearing process you want to gather as much Damage Decrease % as possible and then focus on other stats.

Get a level 300 Pentagram and make it +15. 
Focus on errtels that increase your Elemental Damage and Defense

1. You want to find a pentagram that give set bonus to %Elemental Damage/Defense 
2. You should make errtels to complete the set bonus requirements.
3. You should use Radiance slot and apply the following: Binding, Blinding, Bastion and Punish to it. All these options are viable.
4. Upgrade Errtels to Mastery Errtels and gather Special Pentagram Set bonus 

Make sure you get level 4 Wings and upgrade Elemental Options on them

Fenrir is a good start, but the best mounts are from the Guardian Elemental System: Ghost Horse -> Twin Tail. 
Guardian Mounts increase HP, SD, Damage and Elemental Damage so they are as important as Your Gear.

  General Explanation and game logic:
1. If players only go for Bloodangel -> Manticore items without making them excellent, then they will be glass cannons and whoever attack first will most likely win the duel. In short- pointless PvP. 
But sometimes glass cannons are needed as well :) Just don't complain that you die a lot.

2. If Players get 50-60%+ Damage Decrease and fight each other then the real balance start and the rest of the items, talent selection and build will play a big role. What type of pentagram, wings, weapon your character has.

3. If a Player reach 80% Damage Decrease he/she will only be killed by players who have high Ancient Master set - Blue Eye and above. 
4. If a player Decides to go full Tank, example: Dark Knight with shield, 80% DD lots of HP and all buffs. He will most likely not be killed by 1 player alone. It will take at least 2 players to take him down. 
5. Pentagram Radiance effects are reduced but still quite powerful in PvP, they can stun/blind oponents or give extra protection shield. - don't forget about them :)
6. All players buffs give a lot of perks but will not work like on other servers. As you know there are Soul Bariers, Def/dmg buffs, Crit buffs, Ignore, speed buffs and more.  We have made it so that all buffs are a little bit less effective in PvP, example ELF buff will still make your character good, but it will not be overpoweraded - this is a case on other servers, whoever is buffed = kill everyone. On our server you can still outdamage an Elf buff simply by having better items.