How to Play Magic Gladiator

Magic Gladiator is a hybrid class that can be played as Physical or Magical Damage Dealer.

Stat Priority:
1. Energy /Strength - Main source of damage depends on the skill.
2. Agility - Main source of Speed and Armor
3. Vitality - Main source of Health

Tips for Magic build:
- Your highest hiting ability is Dark Blast
- Your best AoE ability is Havok Spear or Gigantic Storm
After 5th Quest your best ability for Single target damage is still Dark Blast
After 5th Quest your best ability for AOE damage is Havok Spear of Anger

- You should use Magic Mastery Armor (B)
- Always use Elemental Charge Buff.
- Gladiator gains more % Damage  when 2 Staffs are used. Use same kind of staff for best result.
 Wearing just one weapon is a damage loss,
however you can play with a shield and that will give you extra survivability, in some scenarios it is actually better to prioritize health and damage decrease rather than Damage.
-Upgrade your weapons as soon as possible because they give you % damage increase.
- Complete 3rd and 4th quest As soon as possible, because energy build will gain extra bonuses (more than any other class) when learning new skills in the 3rd and 4th tier! 

- When looking for spots, check your damage on different monsters as some have low magic/physical resistance and that will help you deal more damage. We did this on purpose on ParagonMu so that players not only look for spots but also check where is the best monsters for them.

Tips for Strength build:
- Your highest hiting ability is IceBlood
- Your best AoE ability is Chaos Blade
After 5th Quest your best ability for Single target damage is Chaos Blade of Saturation and IceBlood

- Chose your prefered playstyle: 2Handed weapon or Dual 1 Handed 
- Use correct buff with correct weapon: Crusher Charge for One Handed and Spiral Charge for 2H weapons. 
- You should use Strength Mastery Armor (A)
One Handed Build is about 15% Stronger overall due to the fact that it requires 2 weapons.

Combat Power (NEW)
Combat Power is a new stat - it's main purpose on ParagonMu  it to equalize weapon progression for some classes, you should not compare it with other classes or other weapons. For example BK Sword adds only 5% Combat Power while MG 2H can add 200%. That does not mean MG will have 200% more damage. It is a separate calculation for weapons only. 

- Elemental Chare - Increase range of Havoc and increase magic damage of all skills.
- Crusher Charge - Increase 2H weapon damage and Fire Slash.
- Spiral Charge - ​Increase 1H weapon damage, speed and Ice Slash.

Pvp Tips:

- As caster use Dark Blast 
- For STR Build use Chaos Blade of Saturation mixed with Fire Slash ( hit 1-2 fireslash for armor reduction)

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