The Maze has been created by Elena, the descendant of Entra. Kundun corrupted the maze and it is now a place made of incomplete dimensions. 

How to Enter?
Move to the Event Square and and enter thru the portal at  228x57.

To enter the Maze, you will need Elena's Letter 

Event Requirement and Time
You can enter the Maze as many times as you want, however you gain only portion of the reward when you enter multiple times. Higher Floor's give higher rewards.

Event Break is happening every Sunday-Monday. On those days your acess to Maze of DImensions will be limited. 

Once you enter the Maze, you will be teleported to one of the room's. Each time you complete a room you will be able to select new path. Your goal is to find the exit of the Maze. Each floor will either be empty or have a mission that you need to complete. 
Find the Exit within 10 move's and you may be visited by a Golden Goblin that hold extra rewards!


All rewards are listen in our Drop Database and Full Droplist

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