It is a mini game that can be enjoyed regardless of hunting.

How to Play?
1. Collect Card Pieces
① Players can collect card pieces while hunting.
② Card pieces can be automatically acquired by checking the Event Item option from the help settings.
③ Card pieces can be checked from the Event Inventory.
④ Upon collecting 24 card pieces, a card deck is created and the game can begin.

Balls and Cows
① Players must correctly guess the 3 hidden numbers.
② Players must guess the numbers and their positions correctly.
③ The numbers consist of 0-9 and each number is used only once.
④ If the number and position is correct, it is a strike (S). If only the number is correct, it’s a ball (B).A. If the sequence of hidden numbers is 123,
a. 102: 1S 1B
b. 124: 2S

Click a number among 0-9.
② Clicked numbers cannot be changed.
③ Click a number 3 times to get the score according to the number of S, B, and OUT.
④ Players have 5 tries and get the reward box according to their final score.

5. Score Calculation① Strikes: X40, Balls: X10
② 3S: Correctly guessed all the hidden numbers and their positions
⑤ If no number is correct, it's an out (OUT).


Rewards will be sent to Event inventory or Gremory Case. 
If you won't be able to claim the reward, it means that you need 4x4 space inside the EVENT INVENTORY itself (not player inventory). That is why please keep your event inventory clean. 

On ParagonMu you can clean the entire event inventory with a command /cleareventinventory

All rewards are listen in our Drop Database and Full Droplist

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