Paragon Pass

Paragon Pass is a new feature that allows Players to complete Daily Missions and gain rewards.

There are 3 Levels of Battle Pass.

FREE - Available for everyone 
It gives up to 20.000 HP and a Horn Crystal Buff - this allows gathering materials for crafting (check Ruud Mastery Set guide)

EXP Pass - Available via X Shop
It gives up to 10% Extra EXP and Bless of Light buffs.

Paragon Pass - Available via X Shop (You need EXP Pass in order to activate)
It gives Wcoin and some rewards depending on the season.

There are 20 Levels of Paragon Pass and it takes around 10-15 Days to complete it fully. All claimed Rewards are sent to your Gremory Case (K) Inventory

There are various Daily Quests you can complete. Every mission shows the EXP for completing it as well as progress.


All rewards are listen in our Drop Database and Full Droplist

Detailed Droplist Drop Search Database