How to create Wings

Wings are created using Chaos Goblin NPC in Noria. 

Before you start crafting wings, you should know about Magic Stones! These are new since season 13. 

In order to craft Magic stones you will need to select special option in the Chaos Machine NPC "Magic Stone Combination"

Regular items - minimum +7+4

Excellent items - minimum +7+4

Ancient items - minimum +7+4 

Warning! Some items may display 0 as a result but if they are +7+4 you still have a chance to get stones. However this system scales with zen value of the item. The more expensive item the more stones you will get. Do not waste your time and resources to apply low excellent items. We would suggest using higher level excellent items. 

Level 1 Wings
Select "Enhance/Craft Equippment" in the Chaos Machine.
Then Select "Wing & Cloak Combinations"

Step 1:
Chaos Weapon Combination. 
1. In Chaos Machine, select "1st Wings- Chaos Weapon"

Any Item - minimum 4+4
Jewel of Chaos

You can increase chance with Bless and Soul

Step 2:
Wing level 1 Relic Combination


Chaos Weapon +4 / Option 4 or higher
Jewel of Chaos
Jewel of Bless or Soul will increase the chance
Lower Magic Stone will increase the chance

Step 2:
Wing level 1 Wings Combination


1st Wing Relic
Lower Magic Stone will increase the chance

Upon sucess, you get random wings or cape

Level 4 Wings

Step 1: 4th Wing Relic


Wings level 3 + 13+4
Garuda Feather (High map drop or event)
Golden Sentence x50 (high map drop)
Jewel of Chaos 
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Creation
Jewel of Soul 
Higher stones will increase the %